Make data your asset

Data asset management platform based on decentralized identity authentication

Product Matrix

Touchain DID
ID card in the blockchain world
Touchain Alpha
Desktop data center integrating hardware wallet
Touchain App
One-stop data asset management platform
Touchain DID
The public chain product Touchain DID is a decentralized identity authentication system developed based on the W3C decentralized identity identification specification, which will empower data circulation. Realize data authentication, sharing and transaction through TID, such as file sharing based on mobile phone number and encrypted currency transfer.
What problems can Touchain DID solve
  • Privacy protection
  • Cross-platform KYC certification
  • Data Autonomous Control
  • Capitalization of physical asset data
  • Cross-chain solution
Touchain Alpha
In the desktop data center that integrates hardware wallets, users' personal data is in charge. While ensuring the privacy and security of user data, it helps users to confirm data rights, share exchanges, applications and transactions, and effectively land and generate commercial value.
Hardware wallet level security
Built-in EAL4+ financial grade encryption chip, physical on-off thermal isolation
AI Voice
The built-in iFLYTEK voice algorithm makes the interaction between users and devices more natural
8-inch large screen
LCD 8 big screen shows more content
Data security and privacy protection
Realize data confirmation on the chain through TID and share transactions
NAS storage
Support local hard disk storage
Touchain light node
Share computing power, storage space and bandwidth resources as light nodes
Touchain APP
The data asset management platform based on the decentralized identity authentication DID realizes one-stop self-management of one-stop digital assets/identity information/physical assets, making user data a valuable asset that can be controlled independently.
  • Support multiple storage
  • Support multi-chain wallet
  • Mobile phone number or email registration
  • Decentralized identity
  • Support Dapp application
Multiple storage methods, cloud storage, hardware storage, IPFS storage, etc.
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